Digital Strategy

The What, the Why and the How.

What Does ‘Better’ Look Like?

A purposeful measurement plan defines meaningful goals, targets, segments and KPIs.
Starting with a clear understanding of business objectives, we articulate the ways and means to track online performance through our proprietary Optivista™ reports.
digburst’s data measurement methodology identifies what channels are truly performing, where to find the greatest cost efficiencies, and what impact digital campaigns are truly making on your operations.

Content Strategy

Great content drives online success and digburst’s strategic creative approach to content marries engaging creative to clearly defined business objectives. Results can be transactional and/or transformative – generating sales/conversions or provoking bona fide behavioral changes.
ROI is much more than a buzzword. Your return on investment is our number-one priority in every strategy. We get the results you deserve by recommending channels that allow us to track the results of every campaign, whether it’s through lead generation, online conversions, or E-commerce sales.
Our recommendations often include:

  • Website usability suggestions and increased calls-to-action

  • Website content recommendations to improve SEO

  • Google Analytics customization and conversion tracking

  • Editorial content planning for SEO and social

  • Social media marketing and paid content amplification

  • Google AdWords and Bing Advertising (PPC)

  • Media buying with a direct response marketing focus

  • Blog posts and blogger outreach to key opinion leaders (KOLs)