Social Media

We make your company social.

It starts with a plan

Our social media services begin with a detailed plan based on client marketing and business objectives. We isolate key platforms that present opportunities for your organization and outline ways to develop, manage, and maintain those platforms. Our process starts with the following:

Listening Audit
Visual Designs
Content Plan
Brand Book

Our team takes the final step and implements your social media initiative, complete with custom profiles, active content streams, daily community management and ongoing measurement and optimization.

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Direct advertisement on Instagram

Your advertising post, shares directly by instagram, without need to be shared on other pages. Amazing features like filter users by sex, age, country, city and their mobile’s OS made this the best advertisement in social medias.
It’s good to know there is an amazing feature that targets users based on their interests derived from previous engagement on instagram.
As you know there wasn’t a way to targeting based on IRAN, but now for the first time it’s possible with all the features.
This kind of ads share directly to the user’s Home, and there is no need to follow any pages.

  • cost per Reach:

    Cost will be calculated based on sending posts to users regardless of liking or video views.

  • cost per Engagement:

    Each Like from users counts as Engagement

  • cost per View:

    If content ads is a video, cost will be calculated based on video views after playing it.

  • cost per Click:

    Cost will be calculated right after user’s click on button below the post or the story.

  • cost per Install:

    Cost will be calculated based on application installation. (It needs to be on Google Play or Apple Store)

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