Telegram Robot

The best way to communicate

Connect with your customers all the time…

At the core, Telegram Bots are special accounts that do not require an additional phone number to set up. Users can interact with bots in two ways: Send messages and commands to bots by opening a chat with them or by adding them to groups. This is useful for chat bots or news bots like the official TechCrunch bot. Send requests directly from the input field by typing the bot’s @username and a query. This allows sending content from inline bots directly into any chat, group or channel.

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What can bots do?

  • Involve users and customers in the exact way you want

  • Target users based on their interests

  • Take users information and change them in interesting way ( like set a funny frame for their profile pictures)

  • Connect robot with the site and get authentication from it

  • Send message to users personalized

  • It can get connected to a robust application and do what it does through telegram interface

  • Provide information and data by using telegram storage

  • Providing games and many other fascinating features

  • And many other features …

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